Our products

We offer a complete product range of SCILIF SunFibre in several modifications. Choose your preferred combination for your customers. We offer tailor-made solutions in 3 steps only:

1. Light fibre

  • Choose the length
    The length of the light fibre is unlimited, however, we recommend the maximum length of 2.5 m for textile purposes.

2. Textile coating (piping)

  • Colour
    We currently offer textile coating in these colours. If you wish to order other colours, we can provide it for orders above 1000 pieces.

3. Control Unit

We offer several types of control units.
  • USB recharging unit
  • USB recharging unit with an accelerometer
    The fibre switches on when you move
  • AA battery-based unit
USB recharging control units offer various light modes:
  • Plain light – selection of light intensity
  • Alert flashing
Control units contain microprocessors which allow the light mode setting. We can configure the light mode according to your requirements for orders exceeding 1000 pieces.

The selected light mode affects the battery life in each control unit.