About Us

Founded in 2014, SCILIF primarily focuses on the development and production of technologies based on laterally light-emitting optical elements and their control.
The name of the company was created by blending the words SCIENCE and LIFE, reflecting the SCILIF company philosophy – connecting research and sciences with everyday life.
SCILIF seeks and develops innovative solutions in the area of safety, subsequently introducing them to the market. This is also the case of the SCILIF SunFibre technology that was initially developed within a project at the Technical University in Liberec, Czech Republic, and then optimized by SCILIF.

The SunFibre technology significantly improves personal safety in low-visibility conditions, hard-to-navigate situations (traffic, industry, construction), during sports and outdoor activities. Our technology is used extensively in police and security work. SCILIF SunFibre is quickly gaining recognition among progressive textile and garment designers. The key elements of the SCILIF SunFibre technology are patent protected.

People in Scilif

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Radim Synek, MBA

Radim is a successful manager and financier, serving as the director of the financial markets department and a Member of the Board of CREDITAS Bank.

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Ing. Vít Lédl, Ph.D.

Vít participated in the development of the SCILIF SunFibre from the beginning. He’s currently serving in the position of a research centre director.