About us


SCILIF is a combination of these two key words that fundamentally express what we do: applying new technologies to make life safer.

The company was founded in 2014 for the purpose of developing SunFibre Wearable Active Lighting Technology for personal safety.

The core concept was invented in collaboration with the Technical University in Liberec and further developed by SCILIF into a comprehensive system protected by several patents, and sold under the brand name SunFibre.

SunFibre Wearable Active Lighting Technology is a unique optic fibre lighting system that increases visibility in darkness or lowlight conditions. Unlike retroreflective safety elements, SCILIF SunFibre emits light through optic fibres encased in a textile coating, ensuring active protection.

Side-emitting optic fibres provide visibility in all directions up to a distance of 3 kilometres.

The properties of the textile coated optic fibre allow easy sewing into textile products and guaranteed mechanical durability and washability.

The system is easy to operate and recharge.

The Technology is now distributed in five continents and used by leading manufacturers worldwide.

We at SCILIF are totally committed to providing our customers, but also our customers’ customers, absolutely the best available technology in Wearable Active Lighting. We look forward to learning how we can support your brand and help protect your customers.

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We are absolutely committed to improving practical safety wherever we can. 360 degree active lighting can and will make the difference and could quite literally save your life. Our commitment to safety, however, does not stop with just active lighting. It extends to how easy the product is to use, how reliable it is, and we work with our customers to ensure the best implementation possible to ensure the highest level of safety for the wearer.


At SCILIF we are 100% committed to maintaining technological leadership: not just tomorrow, but for the long run. Internally, we are working on several new patent filings that will take our SCILIF SunFibre technology to new levels as well as extending SCILIF SunFibre application areas so more customers can benefit from the safety features. Also, we are working on a number of special application areas with tactical units and selected industrial clients that will lead to solutions with broader applicability. Should you have a special requirement or would like us to work with you on developing a special bespoke application, please feel free to contact us.


We place a very high value on product quality and durability. Our products are designed to be as rugged and durable as the products they are integrated into. These are not short-lived fashion accessories, they are designed to serve well and as long as customers expect when they buy professional brands. Our production facilities are located in Europe, and we conduct our own tests, alongside a wide range of European testing organizations to confirm both quality and durability. The fact that leading global brands have tested and chosen SCILIF SunFibre products speaks to our commitment.


Sustainability is more than just a buzzword for us. The following are characteristics that demonstrate our commitment to minimizing our impact on our earth.


First and foremost, we design our products to last at least as long as the products they are integrated into. This means product life-spans are maximized, as is customer value from your product.


Unlike most technology suppliers, we offer an unlimited repair service to customers and their customers. If something breaks for whatever reason, it is likely we will be able to fix it – from our control units all the way through to replacing light fibres.


In the rare event that product usage has exceeded the battery cycle rating, we offer a service to replace the battery and thus extend product usability.


We produce in compliance with RoHS and OEKO-TEXStandard 100 norms in all stages, which ensures safe and healthy products. The light emitted by our products is environmentally friendly and does not disturb most animals, etc. The current produced by the battery is regulated by a microprocessor to control how much power the battery releases. This saves energy, prevents overheating and prolongs the lifespan of the battery.


We offer all our customers and their customers the option of sending us back used SCILIF SunFibre components. Wherever possible, we recycle and/or repurpose parts for pro-bono projects or customers that specifically want re-purposed products.


We produce exactly to customer specifications, which means practically no waste on our side and zero waste at customer production site.

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