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Wearable Active Lighting

Our SCILIF SunFibre Wearable Active Lighting system is made up of three components. The visible part is an optic fibre wrapped in a high-visibility textile piping(1), making the Optic Guide easy to be sewn into any textile product. Our light guide is flexible, can be washed, is colourfast, is available in 2mm - 3mm diameters, and comes in a wide variety of textile colors to match your product.

Light enters the SunFibre light guide from a Light Source(2) with a high-intensity LED at one end that lights up the entire length of the fibre. This results in a very energy efficient solution that can last 15 to 60 hours of continous operation. The light coming from the light guide is evenly diffused across the entire length of the piping. This ensures the best visibility possible for those wearing clothing or other products equipped with SCILIF technology. The Light Source is fixed to the light guide, is also washable, and with its minimal dimensions is incorporated into the textile garment or product in a way that is concealed from view.

The Light Source is typically connected to a detachable integrated power and control unit(3) consisting of a rechargeable battery, a microprocessor, and the electronics that control power supply. Microprocessor control enables such functions as prevention of battery overcharging or draining and user mode selection and is fully programmable to your specific intensity and/or flashing requirements. In addition, for certain applications we can incorporate sensors such as motion sensors, gyroscopes, or water immersion sensor that add critical functionality. The Power Control unit is typically placed in a pocket and detached for washing. Alternatively, we have a USB power source option so Power Banks can be used instead of our Power Control unit.

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[1] Piping

led470x314.jpg, 33kB
[2] Light Source

cpu_unit470x314.jpg, 63kB
[3] Power Control

Durable and washable materials

As you can see from the picture, the SCILIF SunFibre Optic Guide integrates into any product elegantly and with minimal interference to the overall product design. The Optic Guide is flexible and washable, can handle rain or snow, and the textile piping protects the optic fibre within for maximal durability and abrasion resistance while providing an esthetic textile finish available in many colours. SunFibre Optic Guides appear as an integral design feature of clothing and other products (misto accessories) which is appreciated by both users and (clothing - vymazat, nemusi to byt jen clothing) designers.


Our SCILIF SunFibre Technology is protected by two patents. Patent EP2917391 is our invention of a sideemitting light guide incorporated into textile piping which can be easily attached to any fabric. This gives the final product a clean and professional look, provides for additional protection of the light guide, and maximizes colour choices for maximum design flexibility. Patent EP3073192 protects our unique optical LED configuration that powers our light guide, which maximizes the combination of high light power, high energy efficiency, low heat generation, and long battery life.


  • The CE identification proves that the product is compliant with legislative EU regulations for protection of health, safety and environmental protection. Obtaining the CE identification is necessary to introduce the product to markets within the European Economic Community territory.
  • The RoHS identification ensures that the electric and electronic devices do not contain certain dangerous substances and that thus certified products are safe for health.
  • The IP68 identification certifies the highest level of coverage, as Scilif Sunfibre products are water resistant to a depth of 2.5 m for up to 2 hours, including salt water. The electronic devices identified by the international certification are also resistant against penetration by a particles such as dust, sand or other dirt.
  • The IP44 certification denotes resistance to dust particles down to 1 mm in size and resistance to water splashed from any direction.
  • STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® is one of the world’s best-known labels for textiles tested for harmful substances. All of our textile coatings has been tested for harmful substances and that the article therefore is harmless for human health.


We know that our customers will use active lighting in the most demanding and life-protecting ways. As such, we place a very high value on product quality, durability and reliability. Products go through a range of technical tests during development and are then submitted for independent testing to certification authorities. Finally, our products have gone through very robust testing with leading brands and are certified by certain tactical forces. Our Technical Guide has a complete overview of Testing Procedures that we recommend in selecting Active Lighting components in general.


Generally, our key components come with a standard 2-year warranty, though by design our SCILIF SunFibre Technology is made to last at least the average life expectancy of typical applications. Should you require a longer product warranty that matches your product warranty, then we are able to work with you to achieve this. See Technical Specifications for detailed information. Overall, we guarantee top workmanship, high-quality colour fastness, and use only brand-name battery suppliers.


The SCILIF Sales Team has deep technical knowledge and is available to provide assistance to you at every step of your produce development and manufacturing journey. Our goal is to support you in deploying our SCILIF SunFibre Technology into your product to build your competitive advantage and customer satisfaction. Specifically, we can offer the following:


In case a product is damaged and assuming that our SCILIF SunFibre Technology has been integrated into the product using our guidelines, then we are able to repair and/or replace components, including the light guide itself without taking out the textile piping.


In case you have a claim that requires independent review, we will provide you with a formal opinion on whether our SCILIF SunFibre Technology was properly used and probable causes of failure/damage. The standard warranty is 2 years, 600 charging cycles for the battery.


We have already worked with a wide range of leading brands in developing customized or proprietary solutions. The technology presented in this catalogue is only our standard commercial offering and we work with various manufacturers of tactical equipment on a wide range of classified projects that integrate our technology and electronics into complete personal safety systems.


Should you wish, we are able to support you in how best to integrate our SCILIF SunFibre Technology from a design perspective to maximize safety and ensure that customer comfort and SunFibre product life is also maximized.


We are able to provide advice on how to best integrate SCILIF SunFibre Technology into your manufacturing process to maximize effeciency and quality.

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