The key element of the SCILIF SunFibre technology are sideways emitting light guides. These are specially designed light-conducive polymer fibres that specifically enable both the transmission of light and managed emission of light from the surface of the light guide. The fibre is nestled in a textile cover (piping). Among other functions, this piping ensures an improved light impression, significantly increases the mechanical resistance of the conductor and enables its sewing into textile garments. The SCILIF SunFibre piping is lightweight, highly flexible, mechanically resistant, washable and easy to incorporate into textile goods.




The SCILIF SunFibre[1] piping emits intense light generated by super-luminous and highly effective LEDs. The pipping is ready to be sewn into fabric. The light coming from the piping is evenly diffused across the entire length of the piping. This ensures the best visibility possible for those wearing clothing or accessories equipped with the SCILIF technology. Miniature LED sources[2] are tightly connected to the SCILIF SunFibre and incorporated into textile garments in a way that is concealed from view.


The LED sources are powered by a control unit[3] consisting of a battery, a microprocessor, and the power electronics. The control unit is equipped with rechargeable batteries. Microprocessor control enables such functions as prevention of battery overcharging or draining and user mode selection. Also responsiveness to external conditions such as light levels, user motion, is under development as is the ability to communicate with portable devices.




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[1]  Paspule SunFibre

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[2]  LED sources

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[3]  Control unit

Key features of technology

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Lighted SCILIF SunFibre pipping’s have 360° visibility. When used according to the producer’s recommendations, SunFibre visibility under suitable conditions (darkness and clear air) exceeds 2 km. Under lower visibility such as fog and snowstorm, SunFibre visibility always exceeds any retro-reflective options. Luminous flux of SunFibre ranges between 50 - 500 lumens. SunFibre functions are designed to achieve maximum visibility in continuous mode and maximum warning effect in blinking mode.

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The SCILIF SunFibre light guide with LED source is highly resistant to rain, snow and wind. It’s very flexible in all conditions and its textile piping ensures technical strength while providing great optics and pleasant touch. The textile piping is easily sewn into textile garments. SunFibre light guides appear as an integral design feature of clothing and accessories, which is appreciated by both users and clothing designers.

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The energy source for the control unit (MPU) is a Li-Ion battery, rechargeable up to 1,000 cycles. The unit includes a micro USB connector for recharging, the most widely used connector for mobile devices worldwide. Control units have varied Li–Ion battery capacities, essentially determining maximum luminous power as well as length of operation per charge. Operation modes can be modified, based on the SunFibre application. The SCILIF team developed a new line of units equipped with sensors that respond to external conditions, including wearer motion and surrounding light.

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