SUNFIBRE Client Implementation story with EquiRay

Simple to use, easy to implement into workwear and easy to maintain. That's SUNFIBRE®. Here we see a product of our partner EquiRay - Heavy Duty. A unique solution to ensure visibility of construction workers.

SUNFIBRE Client Implementation story with Altura

Another one! SUNFIBRE® Customer Implementation video of Alutra Electron Jacket. In this video, we show why Altura is a leader of urban cycle wear in the UK. We hope that you love it as much as we do.

SUNFIBRE Client Implementation story with PSI Hubík

Here you will see an example from the cooperation with PSI Hubík, regarding the implementation of SUNFIBRE in a motorcycle jacket.

SUNFIBRE Wearable Active Lighting Technology - PPE UNIFORMS

This PPE UNIFORMS SUNFIBRE® set is specifically designed for civil services and other integrated rescue systems which frequently find themselves in life-threatening situations with poor visibility.SUNFIBRE® increases the visibility of the user, as well as enables easy identification of individual members of the rescue team and their gear